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endwalker final area spoilers, character card 

got struck with inspiration to make one of these even though im not done leveling yet, anyways i think it looks good

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ffxiv, endwalker, please read 

hi! in preparation for endwalker, yesterday night i began working on a preliminary guide for reaper. it's still very much a work in progress but i've reached a point where i feel comfortable sharing it as i continue to work on it.

please give me your thoughts, let me know if you think anything should change, criticism, etc. bear in mind as you read the potencies listed are subject to significant changes!

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tonight is a disastrous night
first my savage gloves get ninja looted from me but then i get 4 letters right on my second wordle guess instead of all 5

smh truly should have just stayed in bed

god have mercy on my poor and weary soul
the other tank in my static just quit (for a good reason at least)
i'm never making another static EVER again

trying to recruit and keep players for my savage static is making me hate the game's playerbase

sam and i took a cookie out of the oven and pulled it open to see if it was cooked all the way and after we decided they were not done, proceeded to pull apart the undercooked cookie and eat bits of it, like fucking wild animals

re: league of legends 

@teiuaros stop solo ulting me
-guy who died

mnk: outperforms every dps in every fight, tied with reaper for the most part but ahead at 80+

se: buffs mnk
se: doesnt buff whm or add a bit of duration to drk blood weapon


@teiuaros @FirstProgenitor why is it that coordinating 8 people to do an activity together consistently at the same time is the hardest thing in the universe

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