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endwalker final area spoilers, character card 

got struck with inspiration to make one of these even though im not done leveling yet, anyways i think it looks good

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ffxiv, endwalker, please read 

hi! in preparation for endwalker, yesterday night i began working on a preliminary guide for reaper. it's still very much a work in progress but i've reached a point where i feel comfortable sharing it as i continue to work on it.

please give me your thoughts, let me know if you think anything should change, criticism, etc. bear in mind as you read the potencies listed are subject to significant changes!

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Mista White!!

Where! is my fishy fishy fish!! In my dishy, dishy dish!!!

thinking once again about the greatest movie / greatest childrens book, Coraline

Name a more iconic duo than unapologetic queerphobic internet nazis, and discreetly trying to follow the nsfw alts of non-white trans women

It's really funny to see Mika's display name as "implied homosexual" bc I think he kissed a boy one time? Pretty sure that makes him gay

It's really funny how conservatives can literally tear their mask right off publicly and say "we should do segregation again" and some people are like "well they won't actually do that so it's fine"

These cuties were 2 months old in this picture, and turned 3 years old today! #GuineaPig

Feeling exceptionally merciless right now so I guess that's my brain telling me it's time to play ruiner

I am a real european and it is approaching the noon time of the day. Time to eat my favorite meal, queens on toast

Anyone else up who doesn't believe in spices? Hard to find fellow appreciators of the mash on here

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therapy isnt enough i need to overthrow the government

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