i have successfully translated the introduction of pokemon platinum using google translate


professor rowan is clearly happy to be here

Web 1 21 32

tomorrow i will perfect my python script for parsing & regenerating the XML document and then i will do the whole game at once

good news! i have now translated the WHOLE GAME and created a test build

starting things off strong with a curious accusation from my childhood friend

oh my god. should i even be surprised that this is what "Twinleaf Town" became

something i have noticed right away is that the NPCs are obsessed with talking about "slim pokemon" and "skinny pokemon"

@cuttlefish this explains why my rival told me "don't be afraid of slim pokemon"

@Manurweibling your guess is as good as mine. it's been long enough that i don't remember what the NPCs normally say

@kiosk i cannot express how pleased i am with these results

@principito You know it's good when you've got to clarify what the original text was.

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