Follow @magicalmilly i don’t think that people who weren’t at some point on myasstodon totally understand how high-pressure it was to *exist* on that instance. like, from late 2019 onwards it was as if a switch had been flipped somewhere. i don’t think any of us can be expected to blindly trust the fediverse anymore

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@principito @whalefall it's was a strange half cult half death wish.

Like, people would BEG. Literally BEG. To be allowed to be the one white in myass.

But also, we literally had threats for existing and for posting about like..... Driving to work.

It's like the worst level of obsessed fandom. With racism. And transphobia. And so on and son.

@principito @whalefall seriously like. Looking back. Some of the shit could have EASILY been reported for like legal shit.

I'm still on edge about being stalked for years. Who knows if they still are now. I'm choosing to not investigate for my own health.

Being verbally abused for years just for being willing to exist? And be a vulnerable person online with my friends?

It's like all the worst parts of fandom or celebrities

@magicalmilly it’s not like we were gatekeeping either! anyone who had something to explore was welcome to do it with us. i’m totally white and i was so excited when frances invited me over so i could post in spanish & share experiences and stuff. some people go nuts when they can’t have something i guess

@principito @whalefall like. You just had to be bipoc/latine.

And that just made people MAD.

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