reading an article on samoyeds and there’s a sentence that goes along the lines of “samoyeds are naturals at herding animals, which means that they will be great at keeping your family together.” like excuse me but is the dog going to be our therapist??? is the dog licensed to do social work


mm. let's follow that line of thought. tell me, do you feel *threatened* by the samoyed's role in the family?

@cicatriz_jdr @principito innocent baby doggies they’re! Friends they’re! Babies they’re! :blobcatknife:

@sidd_harth0_5h4h @principito

yes, I know but we must let Sabrina come to this conclusion in her own time. it's what the family Samoyed suggested. 😌

@principito I think they mean physically. I have seen a corgi herding people at a party

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