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i will boost any photograph of a computer that you post. and not only that, i will weep at its beauty

the JSON.parse() method returns an object whose format is best left to the imagination of the reader

thinking about the girl who said her favorite song was "party in the USA" without a trace of irony at one of the many Youth Leadership Summits i was forced to attend. i hope she's doing well

as a Psychology Word i'm guessing that syntonic is fairly contrived so like, they had their chance to utilize a reasonable prefix scheme

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if "dysphoria" is paired with "euphoria" i wonder why the counterpart to "dystonic" is "syntonic." i will not look it up

cishets:            the queers:

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"hey i'm awkward and not great with social situations, but i always mean well. if i make any missteps please just let me know!! πŸ˜„"

Mastodon user's posts:

"you could tie me to a post in front a firing squad before i'll admit to having done anything wrong in this thread. fuck you! shoot me! i'll just continue this argument with your mother once i get to hell! πŸ˜„ "

@principito why would we put pete's head on the wooper meme

Every post I make is an invitation to the fools and charlatans of this website to engage me in a battle of wits, so that I may defeat them and increase my clout score.

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