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I need more white blouses and black vests, and ties


what about Endsingher?? for the ladies

Juniper's Fallen London Experience 

I am not convinced these rats have an all together savoury working environment, but hey, diversity win, the ruthless foreman is a woman.

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Doing housecleaning for the mob 

I'm a maid man

watching the raid 2 and saying 'dang you didn't have to do them like that' every five minutes

she just doesnt have time for overwatch you guys, stop asking her

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Mm-mm-mm, listen

I don't even wanna hear it, okay? That's right
Just go on and do what you got to do
'Cause I'ma do what I have to do, that's right
I don't have time to play these games
Oh, you didn't hear what I said? Mm-mm-mm
It doesn't even affect me anymore, you know?

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annual reminder that I once took a screenwriting class, and one person in that screenwriting class wrote the phrase:

"the thought shot into her brain, like milk shooting into the breasts of a pregnant woman"

*gesturing at a couple*
So uh. Which one of you is the Demon in Pain, and which is the Demon From Below?

What if I put Mr X from resident evil in like, a crate or something, and hid him in Josie's room for them to find one day as a hatted surprise

mastodon film crowd can give you some killer indie recs but also talks as if Marty Scorsese is a keg-standing mainstream bro with a baseball cap on backwards and a tanktop. "scorsese's for normies. check out my favorite film 'emblessance' by Aintøn Blelchin. it's about a guy fucking a boat. but from the perspective of the boat"

i've invented a new animal, i call it the Horse

*the animal is terrible*

ah! well. nevertheless,

me sowing: people saying things out of order by accident is funny
reaping me: ah fuck

im going to kill joseph robinette biden by popping his head like a grape between my thighs

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