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gender explosion in my brain when I get called nicknames

@kiosk that said, kirby's approach is very different. nahobino is like gender maximalist while kirby is gender minimalist

or something

it's 104F (40C) and 33% humidity out but we went to the doc & kiddo got the first covid shot!! can I get a hell yeah?!

name a more nonbinary protagonist than whatever the person from SMTV has going on. you cant

13 seasons into the game and they still haven't delved into the legend of the titular Ape X

@kiosk it sucks that the worst people have been allowed to define an entire form of entertainment, art, and community

Im not great about this either but can we please please please just try and let people enjoy things

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fucking guess what! its fun to be part of a huge community of dedicated fans who love the same stuff you do! its fun to meet people and spend hours upon hours with them, experiencing the same interactive media at the same time, together!
its fun to be part of a really fucking queer subculture!

just. seriously fuck off with that shit. makes me mad

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Im just really not a fan of "haha you like *thing" being the only thing you ever fucking hear when you talk about your interests

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its this kind of thing where the entire punchline is just "haha game" like with "haha french people" "haha italians" and its like sure thats fine but its not exactly creative humor or like, useful commentary. just let people enjoy games please for gods sake

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like yes I know we all like to make fun of gamers but holy fucking shit I cannot tell you how exhausting it is that every time I mention liking games someone tells me Im a "gamer derogatory" or a stupid nerd or whatever the fuck it is

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