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It fucking happened again!! I stood in front of the pan wondering why it didn't get hot (it's because i didn't turn on the stove)

I was planning on catching up on classic hollywood next year and focus more on asian cinema this year but I can throw this in, those goals are just guidelines not rules

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Let get some bones

These bones suck
These bones ROCK



(sees a girl with green hair and a purple shirt) wow... the joker for women...

I dunno why posts about bones always get my attention

Throw some bones on the fediverse for the bone gods


Oh it's Alex day! Happy Alex day! Someone quick, post sky pics

Alex is just the fucking best. absurdly good person

happy Alex day everyone

I wanna read this but I have seen one (1) movie written by Paul Schrader and none by Ozu, Bresson or Dreyer so maybe I should wait a bit

I'm coming clean to the world. I killed Jimmy Hoffa. I had to, he knew my real age

@kiosk back in the good old days we didn't know what "hot pursuit" was yet. Need for speed used to have Jimmy Hoffa

Im watching a video about need for speed and they called the 2010 Hot Pursuit the ORIGINAL, and the 2020 one the remake

am I getting old. are people just forgetting about the actual first games

Ageism is rampant in the telescope garden community. Everyone just forgets I'm older

Are you telling me that a criterion collected this cinema

smoke alarm went off while I was grilling something so I told it to grow up. staying on top of things ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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