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my mom asked me to explain to her what a bossfight is, "Im sure its not a fight between bosses, right? is it a videogame thing again"

flanking the enemy team kennen style and then leaving with the power of lightning heelies

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thank you viri I know you dont even play this game but I appreciate the favs

I honestly think Ludens + electrocute is the way to go. it even gives you move speed! you dash in with e, press R, get out with the MS from your ult + ludens. you could be such a gank threat if you just appear over a wall and land like a 4 person ult and just zoom outta there

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As an already devoted Zeri main i cannot be too mad at cloud soul

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Also also can you fucking imagine Cloud Soul Zeri. Can you IMAGINE THE SPEED

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To be fair though, having multiples of the cloud drake is absurdly strong so it kind of balances itself out

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and instead of making that one better they just kind of added two other, better ones

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Cloud Soul is fine but entirely useless for a large amount of champions. Like they just straight up cannot get any bonus out of it. Nunu, Jhin, Caitlyn, Janna, Xerath, Jayce, Nidalee, Elise Karthus, Kata, and probably a lot more

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Like there's no real balancing being done to make the others better I think

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Kind of love riots announcement of chemtech and hextech souls / maps.


Q: aren't these new dragons much more valuable than any other kind of dragon?
A: yes.

... And they just kinda left it at that???

you gotta admit, Koopa is blowing Angus out of the water in the hiding game

Very tired of seeing underhanded comments about the uppity gays claiming space for themselves. Very fucking tired!

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