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The holidays are coming so just as a reminder

❗Don't Donate
to the Salvation army❗

They are anti-LGBT scum


girls will literally drink hot tea and cider

my plushies keep falling from my bed this surely is the reason why my life is going downhill

while wandering the timeline, you arrive at a warmly lit inn. feel free to stop by and rest up before resuming your journey. :bonfire:

@kiosk at some point last year i found out that that's what english people call the drying rack for clothes and it has been haunting my mind since then i believe you. however i do not trust most of our common mufos. scoundrels, liars, and cheats, the lot of them

hey how did they translate the litany against fear into french hehehehehehe

mods are asleep. Post weird fish. Anyway here's a lookdown

Im going to show Lily hit crime thriller The Snowman (2017)

the green egg yolk-looking things in the depths of the clear part of the head are its eyes, which it can swivel around to detect shadows

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Stuck at work before being off for two days so you better believe I'm looking at photos of barreleye fish

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Telescope 🌻 Garden

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