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Me, pouring a sack of old smartphones onto the floor: yeah can I get uhhhhhhh robes?

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I think Im going to read this play. I want to read the thing that caused the state to ban depictions of homosexuality on Broadway

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i will boost any photograph of a computer that you post. and not only that, i will weep at its beauty

@kiosk JIC Gem 1 pc of 5" 13cm Selenite Sphere Ball, Healing Crystal, Art Decoration and Metaphysical Healing Mineral Balanc

oh my god its only a bit over a month until my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

everyone on this site is younger than me, on account of the world coming into existence just after the moment of my birth

FFXIV rules because the Cool People Currency is just different kinds of colorful rocks

"push!" the doctor says, and I push and push until finally my little miracle is born. the doctor cuts the cord and smiles, handing the baby to me. "it's a queer elder", he says

@kiosk but i'm older than you, so i must be a decrepit crone (positive)

sitting on my throne of dinosaur bones and ancient treestumps, relishing the fact that Im almost 23

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the american version of robin hood would simply rob preppers with a gun and steal their guns to distribute to more people so those people can steal more guns from more preppers

few things bring me more joy than being older than sabrina

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@kiosk ummm i’ve heard every single britney spears album at least once. i think i’m qualified for this position

Ive been allowed to drink since I was 16 but that is literally a pointless fact to me because Im boring as hell and basically never touch alohol

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