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me to my sibling: hey The Irishman is really good, lets watch it on movie night
them: okay if you say so
me: its structured like Amadeus
them: FUCK IM IN

americans refusing to measure by weight in recipes is so absolutely infuriating to me

grow up!!!!!!! get a fucking scale!!!!!!!!!!

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cons: 20€

pros: - having another criterion bluray, which looks cool because I like collections, also I like owning movies I love on a physical disc
- wont have to worry about pixelated blacks
- wont have to worry about the quality suddenly dropping because my roommate is downloading something

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trying to determine if its worth it to buy a bluray of The Irishman (its a criterion release!!!) even though I have access to a netflix account

I for one support the fact that Viris brain is in Utena gear

excuse me sir you dont just drop that in the middle of your sentence like that

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reading an article about the differences in quality between bluray and streaming and the author just casually mentions that Tron Legacy is their favorite movie

@kiosk yes there is Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing episode 1

you: fullmetal alchemist brotherhood
me: female male assigned birth

This applies to everything he does. He shouldn't. He simply shouldn't

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I think Hideo Kojima should stop being like this

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