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french melissa 

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet avec l'essai gratuit expansé, les nouveaux joueurs peuvent voyager la totalité de A Realm Reborn et l'extension primée Heavensward jusqu'au niveau 60 GRATUITEMENT sans restriction de temps de jeu

i have read so many fucking volumes of das kapital. i've read like 17 of them. 'there are only 3?' fuck you. pathetic. you are nothing to me

prevent british people from entering your home by seasoning the entrances

on the one hand the obvious concerns about age and consent, plus some personal triggers I wont get into. On the other hand its fucking incredible and made by one of my favorite directors

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I have conflicted feelings about call me by your name

the last of us ending 

its not a coincidence that the ending is the only section where you have access to a machine gun. You just start mowing down your enemies and all the while it feels so *WRONG*

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and guess what, people still think Joel is a good guy. Its incredible how far people will take their refusal to read into things

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I'm playing the last of us again and aside from the pacing issues it's basically perfect

the devil sends his demons after me but i just trap them in various crystals i've prepared

Sorry to ask for help again but I'm about $50 short on rent and with my building having new owners, I really want to make sure it gets paid. I had it and then some bills cleared before the new owners set up the online payment portal. As always, I really appreciate anything anyone can spare and/or a boost and/or just being patient with this coming across your dash.


Cash App: $steviexmcfly

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