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please read this whole thing, it is fucking hilarious and only gets more and more bizarre

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reminder that Jeff Vandermeer made up a fake FRESHWATER squid for a book and then people believed it was real, and hijinks ensued

Pets not giving a shit and telling you they're getting in your lap whether you get ready or not is adorable

people who disrespect the spice girls will be escorted from the premises

It then flew away
to a mountain, and lived there
for eternity

Oh no a friend of a friend had a really bad opinion and I am not looking forward to that conversation

re: alien plot hole 

hope this is fixed in the other movies

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alien plot hole 

just watched alien for the first time and my only complaint is that the entire crew isn't simping for ripley

i will adopt any one of you. i really want you to have a family. you are my italian brothers and sisters

remember that time queen did a cover of that one crazy frog song?

remembering that time commodore perry tried to do an imperialism but instead was bested in a baseball game by a couple of samurai, some villagers, and a dog

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