just acquired a hardcover in very good condition for a total of 3,47€, go Molly

its so funny to me when people dismiss art as "entertainment"

like yeah, people are supposed to have a good time reading this. whats the issue

My teeth will regrow! They are sharklike and powerful!

I gotta stop doing my "wrong plurals" bit, whenever someone says houses part of my brain wants to correct them and say "actually its hice"

lord help me Im having semi-unhealthy media impulses again

@kiosk a Molly is someone who gets called "young lady" hesitantly by a store clerk at 9 pm. They seem approachable if you're under 40

twin peaks s3 

@bryn yeah its a little clumsy but his heart is so thoroughly in the right place that I dont even mind

i have to make a higher than average prae meme every time i do it so heres a smash edit of praetorium with no bg music

who sentenced Roger Rabbit to 15 years in prison with no parole

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