never gonna stop thinking about "the way of the bee" as a saying meaning "transporting something inadvertently"

@saladeredux look at the one I sent viri that's 15 minutes of that and german children speaking

@HoneyMoon also philosophy class, we had a show where a character would hang out with the ghosts of philosophers in the library

@HoneyMoon we had extremely similar things for chemistry and biology

Hey everyone who took german in school, please explain, is this a thing you had to watch

"Bro, the fire is too far away, we gotta make a double bed instead of two singles" "bro, head to toe is illegal" "bro, I need a bed, let's make this a king bed, for kings"

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*what is sound anyway voice* who needs sleep anyway?

Looking back, maybe i shouldn't have said "HEY let's watch Cloud Atlas" at 3 am

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