@DissonantEevee Im not sure! I just like the idea of the cute songstress strangling the cute poros

Mista White!!

Where! is my fishy fishy fish!! In my dishy, dishy dish!!!

@Bugaboo your cubes are dumb!!! Upgrade to dodecahedrons your fucking clod!!!

@rosetree@monads.online @kiosk@telescope.garden catwoman moonlights as a twitch streamer and sells shit like "gamer girl bathwater" (just tap water) to swindle cash from lonely nerds

@kiosk @heartles they have an email list, but it's defunct & they don't know who's in charge of updating it

@rosetree @heartles the court of owls doesnt know what social media is. when you ask them about it they screech at you

@heartles @kiosk Black Mask was the admin of cryptids.online but he ran away to twitter & pleroma after a very public racist meltdown ...

@rosetree@monads.online @kiosk@telescope.garden scarecrow used to spend time on liveleak but moved to a combo pleroma/peertube instance after it shut down

@rosetree@monads.online @kiosk@telescope.garden the last time someone tried to get bane onto social media he accidentally crushed the phone he was using

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