developing an intense hatred for Nilah League of Legends before shes even out lmao

remember when you could remember what champions abilities did without having to consult a fucking wiki

@kiosk I feel like nobody was this powerful back when I played?
Like holy shit, I know their thought process was probably incentivize teamwork, but this feels like a hero built to create a fucking solo meat grinder.

@kiosk Nilah hitting the lane like “well hey there folks, and, uh, welcome back? I guess? It's the Ahri sausage episode!"

Do people even still play Ahri? Is she even viable in current meta for non-gender reasons?

@DissonantEevee ahri recently got a small rework and yeah she's been really strong since then

@kiosk oh good, I played her back when she had been nerfed. For chaste gender reasons.

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