oh god Wes Anderson signed the Polanski petition too, jesus christ

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lol weinstein and woody allen too, who could have fucking thought

jonathan demme was already a piece of shit so who cares

I'm so fucking tired. Maybe i don't want to make movies after all if this is what it's like

They're my favorite thing in the whole world. And they're made by these people

@kiosk this is such, garbage why did that petition even fucking exist to begin with?

@kiosk lasers literally physically shooting from my eyes right now

@kiosk just bc these are some of the people up there rn, doesn't mean it has to be like this. You wouldn't be under any obligation to associate with people like this

@kiosk all the more reason to make better movies than them

@kiosk oh cool cool cool pedophiles and pedophile sypathizers are writing The List for us huh??

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