So I may have a tiny bit of a sensitivity to acidic foods

Some people have told me that tomato and pineapple aren't supposed to taste "spiky"

@kiosk Molly I am going to throw a pineapple through your window

@Bugaboo my mom says "this just happens sometimes" when i said they taste spiky

@kiosk @Bugaboo I mean pineapple absolutely does digest your mouth a little but if it’s at a point where it’s not enjoyable to eat them you might have a sensitivity, my brother and my dad and I all do

@checkervest @Bugaboo i can't eat a lot of it even though I would like to. It's uncomfortable

@kiosk @Bugaboo sounds like a sensitivity then! I can only eat canned pineapple, the fresh stuff just tears my mouth up and the canned stuff is on thin ice

@kiosk Pineapple is normal. Literally destroys your tastebuds. That isn't normal for tomatoes though.

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