just learned about superblooms, which is when dormant wildflower seeds germinate at the same time in absurdly high numbers

@kiosk Look up Namaqualand, an area in South Africa where the desert gets superblooms :D It's a few hours north of here but I've never been, the blooms are so difficult to predict it's hard to organise going to view them.

@kiosk I had the oportunity to see it in Chile, the southern part of Atacama desert gets some rain every decade or so, and when that happens all dormant seeds germinate and bloom at the same time. Breathtaking.

@kiosk Definitely one of the most impressive things I have seen.

@kiosk tfw it's a lot of questions but i don't want to investigate, really..
( )
Like, are desert insect populations even close to able to make use of this? Anything evolved to make use of it? Probably not i guess..

@kiosk I got to see one in California a few years back. It wasn't as impressive as these, but it was still really cool!

@kiosk from recent readings, i gleaned that these used to be historically much more frequent until the 19th century in california/west coast and north america at large. it was mostly thanks to indigenous land stewardship/efforts, in particular through regular burning!

This always reminds me of a nice story where Donald Duck tries to find an extremely rare flower in a desert.

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