do you sneeze when you walk from a dark room into the sun

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@kiosk photic sneeze reflex, yep. hits me every time

@kiosk it's called a photic sneeze. and your poll is showing the approximate distribution :-) in the population !

@kiosk Squinting might just cause something to touch/tickle and cause the sneeze.

@kiosk BUT when i got a sneeze stucked, i see directly to the light and that make me sneeze, idk if it counts

@kiosk No, but I sneeze when the sun gets in my eyes.

@kiosk I'm a "no", but I know people who have to sneeze when they walk into sunlight.

@kiosk Nope, but I sneeze at the eye doctor when they flash the bright light into each eye. My doctor says it's pretty common.

@kiosk Photic sneeze reflex is a weak mutant power.

There are animals with photo sensors on their head that are not eyes that do some weird stuff. No telling what genetic selection came about with this piggybacked on an optics system…

@kiosk my dad looks towards the sun when he's driving and wants to sneeze

@kiosk The wiki says 18-35% of the population and this informal poll of 230 people hit 35%. Nice. People *could* have multiple accounts and vote twice, but it's unlikely.
I have it. My daughter doesn't. My son does.

@kiosk i’m not sure if you already know this, but for anyone curious what this is called, it’s called the photic sneeze reflex.

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