folio I love your books but please shut the fuck up for gods sake

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they make pretty books but I sure as fuck dont go there to get my politics (they also published churchill speeches)

@kiosk to be fair, I once tried to read atlas shrugged as a bit

@douglasfur how was it?

also to be fair, I can absolutely see myself doing it for the bit with friends in voice chat, reading it out loud

@kiosk @douglasfur I read the fountainhead ages ago but I couldn't get through atlas shrugged

the fountainhead was fucking awful

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet @kiosk @douglasfur i read the fountainhead but i had to skip like, 200 pages lol. the only thought i still remember (this was 2012) was "huh this guy is kinda cool, finally a likeable character" to the gay socialist character, and then it turns out he's the villain of the piece, lol

@kiosk I got forty-ish pages in and gave up

it is heroes and strawmen all the way down

Ayn Rand didn't write a novel or narrative so much as she wrote her elaborate thought process on Great Individuals Doing The Thing

@kiosk my copy of Atlas Shrugged is a used paperback that lives on its own shelf in the garage; I cannot imagine buying a copy that is Nice

@douglasfur 135 pounds! british pounds! thats like 200 dollars or something!

@kiosk I curate a lot of Bad Fiction because I truly love a book that is not great in the right way

Atlas Shrugged is not great in a way that is pathological and hates the idea of cooperation

@douglasfur @kiosk I got almost all the way through, fueled entirely by hate and spite, and then I reached the "speech" that lasts sixty fuckin pages and just admitted defeat

@kiosk both hugely influential and deeply controversial, Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet VITAL to anyone who wants to understand the bad side of politics, do you want to be up to date on current politics melissa, DO YOU

@kiosk "A vital read for anyone who wants to understand the current state of global politics and why so many racists view this terrible book filled with deranged political beliefs as being a model they should live by."

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