I genuinely wonder where lesbians fit into these peoples weird ass ideas

Are there alpha females. Are cat ladies sigma females

I'm looking at the youtube channel now. It sure is something!

I watched an entire video about different male personality types. I am now enlightened

One of their videos is titled "how to control people using psychological tricks", so that's normal

This is a real video title. Become a God (God Habits)

On the edge of my seat, dying to find out what habits gods have

They seem to think not masturbating makes you lose weight? Like they have at least ten videos on the topic of no nut November and they all have thumbnails like day 1 (belly) day 30 (no belly)

@kiosk spend your life becoming the world's greatest assassin and kill hundreds. Simple as.

@kiosk@telescope.garden there was a conference for women created by a bunch of PUAs et al (the organizers are all men) and it was about making women "great again" and it's basically all anti-feminism etc.

@kiosk in my experience they generally think that lesbians aren't real and are just man-hating bitches who haven't yet found the right d*ck

im sorry 

@pinkosock you fucking should be sorry friendo

@kiosk without looking at any of it or looking up anything about the person or persons behind these videos i am 100% sure they are huge rick and morty stans

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