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Philly roasted the absolute hell out of me and Im preserving it here for anyone who looks at my account

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reminder that you can always tag me in any content relating to Alien (1979) or Dune

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annual reminder that I once took a screenwriting class, and one person in that screenwriting class wrote the phrase:

"the thought shot into her brain, like milk shooting into the breasts of a pregnant woman"

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Im asexual but its just a fact that house and techno are the two hot genres

I just turned on my phone after it was dead for a while and was greeted with this? I don't even know who this is????

Pan gave all his most lovely followers anxiety, that's why they're called Panic Attacks

some people rotate them some people have a favorite and use that some people just use whatever its cool

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we will fight, but only after we have both transcended this mortal plane, and only for purity of combat alone

@kiosk I think you have been at some point in every category except "under and circumstances"

it is a phrase I have to keep myself from using all the time because Id probably have to explain it

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a phrase I think about a lot is "thanks New York" from spiderverse as hes lying on the sidewalk, covered in snow, tired and done with the world

*writes a bunch of fantasy stuff*


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