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it honestly makes me so mad when i think of the wasteful households whose refrigerators contain both salsa AND tomato sauce. you must think you’re Queen Elizabeth over there

simple mail transfer protocol gets the guillotine, full stop

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how many more emails do we have to click on before we as a society finally say enough is enough

keys to success:

-> sad
-> computer programs
--> angery (??)
--- the antlers
=> more sad
✓ a ""restful api""
~> 🔭✨

that's right baybee it's free money

I gotta watch The Handmaiden again. Ive seen it twice in the last 6 or so months but who gives a shit, its the best movie ever made

someone needs to post the words “socialism is good, folks.” otherwise i will continue to vote republican tickets until the earth collides with the sun

i’m going to normalize wholesomeness! (the audience groans) i’m going to explore the ramifications of a godly, austere picrew (the audience keels over)

reading an article on samoyeds and there’s a sentence that goes along the lines of “samoyeds are naturals at herding animals, which means that they will be great at keeping your family together.” like excuse me but is the dog going to be our therapist??? is the dog licensed to do social work

reactionary is when you react to things, revolutionary is when you spin around


do you sneeze when you walk from a dark room into the sun

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