Bonus Fair Folk of the day, Leanan Sidhe (Gaelic "Faerie Lover)
A Vampiric Neighbhor, Leanan Sidhe drink the blood or sap the life away from their lovers, in return their partners live highly inspired lives. Poets, Songwriters, Painters, and artists of all kind can be attributed to them. While often seen as women, there is at least one account of a male Leanan Sidhe going for a woman.
While Vampiric, as with most Fair Folk they are not evil, viewing their way of life as mutually beneficial.

Today's Fair Folk of the Day is the Salamander. The Salamanders are often described as Fire Spirits, born from and dancing in flame. Though sometimes confused as infant dragons, the Salamanders are their own designation of Neighbhors. It's said that the strange shapes curling in flames are salamanders dancing for you.
In the modern day, it's said that the explanation for these Good Folk are salamanders (amphibian) sleeping in logs tossed to fire and running.

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that part of the sonic 06 fandub where shadow is like “woah what the fuck are you” and mephilles responds with “you see shadow, there’s a new trend going around online called ‘kinning...’” makes me crack the hell up

The large ornaments have been glued but at the cost of the bad texture TM on my hands thanks to the E6000 and I feel like I'm going nuts

The ornaments have been sprayed with frog juice.

When do we get the Illumation Amelia Bedelia movie where the titular maid is asked to throw it back and she starts twerking rather than tossing a ball.

"The person you need is Nanny McPhee"
I say to a couple who's marriage is in shambles.

Sorry I haven't put out any Fair Folk of the day posts, been a bit busy and there's so many Good Neighbhors, it's hard to choose who to talk about.

Hi, I'm the goblin that lives in your closet and nibbles your fingernails while you sleep

Log day 320. I am the last snail on earth, and I feel my time coming to an end.

"I throw him over my shoulder with surprising power for a twink and run." Dnd is going interestingly tonight.

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Damn. I'd like to see media where a feminine male in a gay setting isn't depicted as either some sort of gayness test or necessarily some kind of pre-trans egg stage. I think that would be cool actually.

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@teiuaros , sniffing in the air, then growling "my friends have trauma..." and bounding on all fours towards their location with up to 55% increased movespeed

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