Just used my only 5th level spell slot on a group of 7 imps dealing 51 damage to them killing them instantly.

concept: a clown samurai that unseathes their sword, then keeps unsheathing

ARR critical path dialogue: adventurer, you must help us prevent the beastmen from summoning their primal. this is a grave threat to not only our fair city, but the entire world. to do this you must go on three detours to wildly out of the way places to do a bullshit sidequest, otherwise i refuse to help you.

ARR missable side dialogue: let me tell you about the demons that hide inside eggs

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@goat I travel the world and the seven bees
everybody's looking for some bee

Ffxiv, lyrics

"Soft is the breeze that can set a petal free, and yet 'tis the storm that doth see the petal soar."

Luigi bravely answers the question: what if Mario had mental health?

Me: *sits on a stool by a table*

Sam: that’s a table

Me: yes it is

Sam: no what you’re sitting on it’s a small table

Me: well I’m a small man I’m sure it’s fine

“It really opened my eyes to gluten and what’s in gluten” you mean gluten? Gluten is in gluten

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