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But... Myspace is dead... in fact, it died one hundred years ago this very night πŸ‘»

the best aspect of is how easy it is for new users to create their first fediverse profile!

and their second fediverse profile
and their third

same deal with "race-based trolling," "hiding behind their ethnic identities," etc. these words mean something fairly specific and you can't pretend as if people are unreasonable for pointing that out... lol

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emerging from the peanut gallery to say that if you're fine with the language "bashing one's hispanic identity into other people's faces" you are not an "ex"-racist

@Maxine let men have however little fabric some weirdo would give the outfit if it was for a woman!

not to brag but I would be quite a slimy slug

i would like to amend my previous statements. ffxiv is a mahjong game disguised as a dollmaker disguised as a jrpg disguised as an mmo

let the men have open chested tops. let them have their upper arms showing

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