I just turned on my phone after it was dead for a while and was greeted with this? I don't even know who this is????

I forgot to post the last pic bc I wasn't as big a fan of how it's framed, but it's still a cute pose and pic

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mild eureka spoilers (lmao) 

I did the last cutscenes at the perfect time holy shit, this sky

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New canon glam for Sarnai in Endwalker!

"Past the far edge of fate ring blades Dark and Light, tolling the coming of the End."

Yeah, I didn't care about the stats on my arr relic. How can you tell?

I've never noticed before but if you fly in Mor Dhona you can actually see some pretty sights?

bad movie take 

Dudes will literally say school is alien, teenagers are too angsty, and gay characters aren't sympathetic enough

Hispanic woman who wants to dismantle the hierarchy of a capitalist police state, targets cops, and uses chemtech flowers as weaponry and supposedly has a supportive playstyle? Hello?

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