Does anyone ever think about the fact that Miyamoto wanted to make the iconic hero of his platforming adventure game and decided on an italian adult man. Can you imagine making a fantasy setting and deciding your mascot is just a fully grown italian man

Dude really said "this is my oc, he is italian". Like imagine if pokemon had followed a woman in her 30s from texas named Jackie. It's just so bizarre to me

People all over the world put on fake italian accents to talk like him, he's the biggest mascot in gaming, and kids everywhere have shirts, lunchboxes, and costumes to honor a short italian man in overalls. How did we get here

@Bugaboo @BestGirlGrace it's not just guys they knew. Mario is named after Nintendo of America's landlord.

@BestGirlGrace @Bugaboo @RussellsBarbershopQuartet

Segale told The Seattle Times in 1993, "You might say I'm still waiting for my royalty checks."


@req @Bugaboo @RussellsBarbershopQuartet as the story goes, they named the guy Mario after an argument about Nintendo owing him back rent

@req @Bugaboo @RussellsBarbershopQuartet Meanwhile, they genuinely liked John Kirby, who helped Nintendo win when Universal sued them over Donkey Kong

@BestGirlGrace @req @Bugaboo @RussellsBarbershopQuartet even wilder, they only had to invent an original character because they failed to secure the license to use Popeye instead

@Bugaboo @BestGirlGrace it's a dunk i think. they basically made the character an ethnic caricature and said "this is you lol"

@BestGirlGrace @Bugaboo iirc Mario was named after nintendo of america's landlord
before that he was just called "jumpman" because he was a man who jumped

@Bugaboo "original OC do not steal" and it's just a guy Miyamoto met on the street in Italy

@FirstProgenitor I have to make a meme that will be funny to literally only me and Melissa hold on

@Bugaboo He does go ‘byahoo’. That’s good character building. I wanna go ‘byahoo’ too

> if pokemon had followed a woman in her 30s from texas named Jackie

this *needs* to be the next main game

@Bugaboo he's only fully grown after eating a mushroom

The video game character Mario was named after Mario Segale while he was renting a warehouse to Nintendo.

@Bugaboo They wanted to use popeye but the property holder backed out at the last minute. Mario was the placeholder.

Or so I read

Are you saying Italians don't fit in fantasy?
Kinda racist ngl.
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