Giant tortoises were rediscovered in the galapagos!!! They're not extinct!! :blobcatrainbow: :gh: :blobcatrainbow:

@Bugaboo That's a huge deal if it's true! Could you drop a link?

@Bugaboo To clarify in case other people are reading: this is a specific species of Galopagos tortoise thought to have gone extinct a century ago. While some Galopagos tortoises are still extant, if severely struggling, many species of giant island tortoise- including but not limited to Galopagos tortoise species- went extinct relatively recently due to European sailing ships (hungry sailors, dogs, rats, etc). Finding one of these species alive is a big deal.

@Bugaboo They're cool in their own right, but giant tortoises were also a key part of many island ecosystems and their recovery could impact many other endemic species!

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