Wishing I had cool fixations and interests like my friends and not stuff like "let me spend hours optimizing a build in a video game and reading what interactions do and don't work", or "let me backread every chatlog", or "time to scroll through mostly bad poetry and short stories and see if I can find a few gems"

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Honestly probably my biggest struggle is that all my fixations are deep but fleeting, which means I have a lot of things I was attached to that didn't age well and I no longer care, or that I have interest in these small things that someone else definitely knows more about bc they delved into it for more than a week

That and also, like, not setting aside enough time to do those things. Probably the hardest thing, though, is I can't remember names, dates, etc for the life of me. It's kind of disorienting to know I've deeply enjoyed things in the past, but not even remember what their names are half the time and not be able to talk about them bc I misremember so much. It's like every memory I have is about my experience with it, and not the thing itself, so I have no interests to talk about

@Bugaboo jumping from thing to thing is fine too! you don't have to get super involved in everything you're interested in

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