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Girls can have spined tails, cute horns, and a wide variety of appendages

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Give every girl a grenade launcher. I want a grenade launcher. I could have a lot of fun with a grenade launcher

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People with social anxiety and body image issues sharing pictures with each other is a sign of trust. Tell your friends they look cute and mean it

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Internal bone syndrome, when the bones are on the inside instead of the outside. Please be know this

Mista White!!

Where! is my fishy fishy fish!! In my dishy, dishy dish!!!

thinking once again about the greatest movie / greatest childrens book, Coraline

You ever just wake up in the morning smoldering with rage at someone who deserves it

Name a more iconic duo than unapologetic queerphobic internet nazis, and discreetly trying to follow the nsfw alts of non-white trans women

begpost, asking for small amount, boosts appreciated 

Hello everyone. So my Ehvi and I have been taking NADH + CoQ10 to help manage #LongCOVID symptoms it has been a tremendous help. We are out and have no means to replace it, so I'm asking for donations to get a supply built back up. I need at least $30.54 to get it. I am currently still out of a job and Ehvi is permanently disabled.



Thank you.

Begpost, i am at the end of my rope 

If anyone has a few extra dollhairs they could cashapp me that'd be a lifesaver rn. I wanna get bread and sandwich supplies, but i also may buy a single serve alcoholic beverage so if that makes you Uncomfy it's perfectly fine if you don't wanna send anything

cashapp is $yungbbyHATE

literally an anime gay porn screenshot 

Thinking again about implied homosexual

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