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I want to make this very genuinely actually clear to all my friends. If I've been laughing too hard and it starts to sound wheezy and I sound like I'm not taking breaks, I can't breathe and I actually might pass out. It's a real threat but a burden I bear for the funny

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Give every girl a grenade launcher. I want a grenade launcher. I could have a lot of fun with a grenade launcher

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People with social anxiety and body image issues sharing pictures with each other is a sign of trust. Tell your friends they look cute and mean it

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Internal bone syndrome, when the bones are on the inside instead of the outside. Please be know this

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"sabrina, how did you get so epic?" everyone has been asking this question

Bruce Wayne: bats frighten me. It's time my enemies share my dread...


re: lewd? 

@Bugaboo type of guy who stops mid sex because the roulette queue just popped

Watching The Fog and I gotta tell you, this is some badass fog

if you are an "ex racist" shut up and send your money to some activist orgs instead of using it as a clout platform. this shit makes me sick

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Type of guy who interrupts intimacy to roll on a gatcha


Meet Tiamat, our new bearded dragon! They are 4 months old, dont know their sex yet.

*violates your intellectual property rights cutely*

@kiosk I like skirmishes and critical engagements !!! And castrum also is good

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