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When I say permission to fantasize, that means you can masturbate to me.

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I'm not a shameless flirt, I just tease like the USA commits war crimes

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The official political stance of this lewd account is:
Cum-munism, if you will.
Anyways, seize the means of production, create the dictatorship of the proletariat, all that stuff needed for our survival, post-revolution oral will be available from Comrade Cumrag.

Based in the fact that i'm somehow.feeding without being involved in any sex, I would say somebody is getting off to me.

Mmm, keep going.
Give me~ every~bit~


Me: flogging and fisting are normal
everybody else: no, it's so kinky I've never tried it.

Wait I don't want an Englishman to pretend to be Scottish and sneak over my border

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Me: flogging is close to being dangerously vanilla on this website
Also Me: hey I wonder I can get away with a flogger that causes bleeding.

hate it when hot people homoerotically grapple and beat up video game characters instead of homoerotically grappling and beating me up

Yes, that is the Soviet March with lyrics rewritten by a native russian speaker and turned into an actual Soviet March.

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Making one playlist for songs I can.actually have sex too and another for meme music I want to have sex too.
Like this one

Kink question, boosts requested 

Follow up question for people who have played with floggers:

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Kink question, boosts requested 

Hold up, how many of us have actually been flogged before? Because everytime I bring up my floggers, people just seem to have never done that?

People never made floggers in high school because they were bored and they and their friends thought it would be funny?

It's the fluffy freight train! Apologies, I'm sick in bed. (Cw Flogger)

A metal cover of Carmeldansen being on my sex playlist is funny.
But Hell March To The Apocalypse?
Shut up and let the slut feel powerful

I sexualized my big estro+prog shot too well and now I'm kinda horny.

Listen, if you can't laugh during sex, when can you laugh?
No, I will not stop doing carameldansen while riding you

The Carameldansen Eurobeat Remix stays on during sex.
At least until it finishes

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